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Empowering You To Realise Your Full Potential...

Do you feel as if your life has come to a standstill? Perhaps you are lacking the motivation to achieve the goals you set out for yourself? Maybe it is that you find yourself struggling with everyday life, and keeping fit and healthy is just not even on your radar at the moment. Whatever challenge you have in front of you, it doesn’t have to be tackled alone. A Life Coach can help you along the way, by building on your pre-existing strengths, confronting perceptions, and identifying ways to overcome them.   

A Life Coach differs from counselling and therapy, as coaching helps you set and achieve goals, whilst sustaining a partnership. I will be there to motivate, offer emotional support, and create confidence in you. Other services are usually conducted by a doctor, teacher, therapist, or counsellor, who deal with mental health problems, past issues and provide expert advice. Although there are some similarities, Life Coaching focuses mainly on the goal-setting aspects for you and how to make those goals become a reality. 

If you would like help solving issues, attaining goals, and keeping highly motivated, perhaps a Life Coach is suited to you.

Why Mega-Mind?

Achieve personal goals

Build confidence and self-belief


positive mindset

Start recognising your full potential

Step out of your comfort zone

Gain expert advice

Mega-Mind Services 

1:1 Life Coaching

Life coaching can best be described as a partnership between a coach and a client to help the client achieve their personal life goals. This is done through a collaborative approach – focusing on growth, development, and self-belief. It is a person-centred approach and looks at the client holistically through the mind, body, and soul. It is my role to encourage my clients to step out of their comfort zone and start to explore opportunities they thought may not be possible

Benefits include: 

  • Learn how to set realistic goals and design a plan that's achievable

  • Explore opportunities and break down challenges

  • Gain a positive mindset and self-awareness 

  • Start working towards your greatest strengths 

Group Life Coaching

Group Coaching is an extremely powerful and effective coaching method, used when working alongside organisations/businesses or groups. It helps to improve health, wellbeing, motivation, and beyond. This will not only benefit the way people work individually but also improve the overall team performance.

Benefits Include:

  • Improved leadership skills

  • Increased systemic awareness

  • Enhanced communication skills

  • Helps towards adopting a culture of learning and growing, to encourage collaborative working

Guided Meditation

As a guided meditation teacher, I will lead you through the basic steps of meditation practice. Once we break down your goals and aspirations, we can tailor the meditation to take you on your journey.

Throughout the sessions, you will learn how to control your feelings and be present in the moment. Meditation will be used to enhance the feeling of relaxation, guided imagery, and creative visualisation.

Benefits include:


  • Reduction of stress

  • Disposal of negative thinking

  • Controlling anxiety

  • General feeling of well-being

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