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Meet Megan

My Story

Coming from a very sporty family, I have always loved exercise and the idea of keeping active. I believe it was destined that I work within the health and fitness industry and have the opportunity to help others.

My fitness journey was not straightforward though. I’ve had my ups and downs. My passion for fitness has never changed, however, I found myself lacking outside of the gym. I drank, smoked, and binged out on unhealthy foods. Luckily, I maintained a lean physique, but that didn’t paint the overall picture of how I felt. I understood that health is more than just your weight on the scales, it’s about your body, mind, and soul.


After the realisation that I wasn't complimenting my mind or body in any way, I decided to adopt a healthier lifestyle. I implemented a plant-based diet and decided to only ever consume alcohol on special occasions. This change was not sudden, it took me years of mistakes, which led to me learning and growing as an individual. I’ve worked on improving myself, by reading, studying, and breaking down negative beliefs. I have shaken off the concept of trying to be like anyone else and instead started being happy with who I am. This is the reason I find myself being so passionate about helping others because I have been through the feeling of not feeling comfortable in my own skin and wanting change.


In 2019, I finally made the jump and became a fully qualified Personal Trainer. I now get to share my knowledge with lots of amazing clients and turn bad habits/beliefs into a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. I found Personal Training to be more than just teaching people to exercise, it involved guidance, on aspects such as nutrition, mental health, and goals. What makes me happy is seeing my clients go from stressed and uneasy, to relaxed and confident. This was a big reason that I went on to become a Life Coach. 

My clients felt that my sessions were not just about exercise, but they found real value in the conversations we had, feeling like therapy. I have been advised by family and friends to become a Life Coach, allowing me to help people struggling with motivation, mindset, and confidence. It wasn’t until the pandemic hit in 2020, that I decided it was time for me to go for it. I am now happy to say that I am a qualified Life Coach, giving me the opportunity to help others. I now get to support people physically and mentally because you can’t achieve your health goals without the mind and body working together in perfect harmony.  


My Vision

I created this holistic health & wellness business in 2019 with one mission, to improve the health and well-being of as many people as possible: through personal training services, nutritional guidance, life coaching and mindfulness support. A service designed to support the ‘whole’ person so that they can gain a life full of health, abundance, and prosperity. 

I have been through struggles and faced many challenges, such as, body dysmorphia, binge eating disorder, confidence issues, depriving my body of calories, all because I thought this would help control my weight. I was stuck, feeling as if I was never good enough, I was a victim of the bad habits the media fed us, with the perception of looking a certain way. I didn’t realise the importance of having a strong mental mind, which can lead to wonderful things. Mega-Coaching is more than just exercise, we focus on the whole person, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually - because health is more than just the weight on the scales. 

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